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Geberit flush plate Sigma80 8 cm

Technical data

  • Protection degree: IP45
  • Nominal voltage: 85-240 V AC
  • Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Operating voltage: 4.1 V DC
  • Interval flush, adjustment range: 1-168 h
  • Interval flush, factory setting: Off

Application purposes

  • For private and semipublic areas
  • For releasing a dual flush
  • For solid and drywall construction
  • For Geberit Sigma concealed cisterns 8 cm, series 2016
  • Not suitable for use with Geberit inserts for in-cistern block
  • Suitable for less-abled installation


  • Touchless manual flush actuation
  • Automatic flush actuation can be activated
  • Flush actuation possible via external push-button
  • Flush plate without mechanical buttons
  • Actuator buttons identifiable by light bars
  • Button illumination activated when approached
  • Button illumination can be set in five colours
  • Orientation light can be activated
  • Power supply via power supply unit
  • External power supply unit
  • Transformation of mains voltage to extra-low voltage, 4.1 V DC
  • Operation with extra-low voltage, no mains voltage in cistern
  • Flush actuation can be manually deactivated for cleaning
  • With push-fit connection with cross-polarity protection
  • Infrared user detection with background fade-out
  • Self-adjusting IR sensor
  • Reliable IR distance detection
  • User detection range can be set
  • Adjustable interval flush
  • Preflush can be set
  • Minimum detection time can be set
  • Compatible with Geberit Service Handy
  • Functions can be set and queried with the Geberit Service Handy
  • Flush actuation can be deactivated via Geberit Clean Handy
  • Low-noise lifting mechanism
  • Electrical lifting device, self-calibrating
  • Lockable
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Scope of delivery

  • Flush plate Sigma80
  • Mounting frame
  • Support block with servomotor and lifting device, premounted
  • Fastening material
  • Actuator rod

To order additionally for Geberit flush plate Sigma80 8 cm

  • Geberit installation set for WC flush controls with electronic flush actuation
Dimensions24.7 × 1 × 16.4 cm
Colour / surface

Black, Mirrored


Proizvođač: Geberit

Zemlja porekla: Švajcarska

Uvoznik: Delta Term doo Beograd Svetog Save 26

Geberit flush plate Sigma80 8 cm Geberit flush plate Sigma80 8 ...

125,800 RSD sa PDV-om

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