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Geberit Duofix for wall-hung WC with Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm, WC height adjustable

Application purposes

  • For drywall construction
  • For installation in part- or room-height prewall installations
  • For installation in room-height installation walls
  • For installation in part- or room-height Geberit Duofix system walls
  • Suitable for barrier-free construction
  • For wall-hung WCs with connection dimensions in accordance with EN 33:2011
  • For wall-hung WCs with fastening distance 18 cm
  • For wall-hung WCs with large projection up to 70 cm
  • For single flush, dual flush or stop-and-go flush
  • For floor constructions 0–20 cm
  • Not suitable for Geberit actuator plates Sigma60

Technical data

  • Flow pressure 0,1–10 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature, water 25 °C
  • Flush volume, factory setting 6 and 3 l
  • Flush volume large, adjustment range 4,5 / 6 / 7,5 l
  • Flush volume small, adjustment range 3–4 l
  • Calculated flow rate 0,11 l/s
  • Minimum flow pressure for calculated flow rate 0,5 bar


  • Self-supporting frame, powder-coated
  • Frame prepared for support brackets for WC ceramic appliances with small contact surfaces
  • Frame width reduced for placement of support handles next to the element
  • WC ceramic appliance height-adjustable in the finished bathroom, 41–49 cm from finished floor
  • Galvanized feets
  • Feet adjustable 0–20 cm
  • Non-slip leg supports
  • Rotatable foot plates
  • Foot plate depth suitable for installation in U-profiles UW 50 and UW75 and Geberit Duofix system rails
  • Telescopic connection bend
  • Connection bend can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the element
  • Fastening for connection bend, sound-absorbing
  • Concealed cistern with front actuation
  • Concealed cistern fully insulated against condensation
  • Immediate post flush possible with factory setting
  • Tool-free installation and maintenance work on concealed cistern
  • Water supply connection on the rear or top centre
  • Protection cover box for service opening protects against moisture and dirt
  • Protection box for service opening can be cut to length
  • Equipped with conduit pipe for feed pipe for connection of Geberit AquaClean shower toilets
  • With fastening option for electrical connection

Scope of delivery for Geberit Duofix for wall-hung WC with Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm, WC height adjustable

  • Water supply connection Rp 1/2“ – R 1/2“, compatible with MF, with integrated angle stop valve and hand wheel
  • Protection box for service opening
  • 2 protection plugs
  • Connection set for WC, ø 90 mm
  • Connection bend 90° made of PE-HD, ø 90 mm
  • Adapter socket made of PE-HD, ø 90 / 110 mm
  • 2 threaded rods M12
  • Protection box for adjustable range of flush bend and connection bend
  • Concealed outlet for drilling hole ø 68 mm, for electrical connection
  • Fastening material
Dimensions42.5 × 112 × 17 cm


Proizvođač: Geberit

Zemlja porekla: Nemačka

Uvoznik: Delta Term doo Beograd Svetog Save 26

Geberit Duofix za konzolnu WC šolju sa Sigma ugradnim vodokotlićem 12 cm WC podesiv po visini. Geberit Duofix for wall-hung W...

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